I’m a designer 🖌 who likes to 🍫 have conversations ☕️ and question 📣 conventions 💣

With 6+ years of experience helping brands tell nice stories through visuals, I’ve had the pleasure to work with clients such as Netflix, Nespresso, Huggies, Sony, Oreo and Expedia.

I’m specially drawn to people and how we interact with all kinds of design, from fashion to games, passing through toothbrushes.

Professionally I believe the key to communication is telling stories and engaging people through interesting content.

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Things I do

  1. Brand identity
  2. Marketing design
  3. Graphic/visual design
  4. Web design
  5. Social media
  6. Art direction
  7. Illustration
  8. Concept development
  9. Advertising
  10. Visual content


  • Games
  • Fashion
  • Sustainability
  • Diversity
  • Technology
  • Clouds
  • Biking
  • Paradoxes
  • Languages
  • Plants