Responding to an increasing interest in food (and coffee) towards a premium yet accessible experience, Nespresso suffered a rebrand in 2017 positioning itself as the most consistent luxury coffee provider globally.

As the digital agency, we developed a sub-identity for short coffee recipe videos that were shared mainly in Nespresso social media channels.

Visual solution

The visual solution was to use bold close-ups, dramatic lighting and black backgrounds to isolate the elements. By placing the recipe elements in those conditions we gave them a spotlight and removed the background from sight. The objects are then in an ethereal "nowhere", a blank space that anyone would be able to fill with their own house/office background when watching it.

Graphic solution

Also, by isolating and giving importance to the objects, like items in a museum, we showed people how every step in the preparation of your Nespresso can be a unique premium experience if you stop to notice it.

The graphic solution was to use stroke squares to highlight specific elements of the scene. The squares are a reference to the Sleeves (the elongated boxes in which the capsules come) and to Nespresso's short logo, that's contained in a square.