Mini teaser social media campaign for the launch of Oreo McFlurry

Have you tried to eat an Oreo with a spoon?

The first piece made a reference to a popular meme video of people using forks to easily dip oreos in milk cups.

Playing with that and using a barely recognizable McFlurry spoon (we didn’t want to give too much away at first) we went for this simple meme-like ad with the question “Have you tried to eat an Oreo with a spoon?”.

Conspiracy theory

For the second ad we wanted to start linking the 2 brands together somehow.

We used as reference the popular “illuminati meme”, by closing in and distorting part of the cookie until it links to McDonald’s logo.

I’m glad you came

For the third ad we made a reference to the check-in feature in Foursquare, that was having the first big boom of usage in Brazil at the time.

We made a piece personifying the 2 brands by making Oreo check-in at a McDonald’s store and McDonald’s answer with their lovely slogan “I’m glad you came”