Plenitud makes disposable underwear for people with different levels of urinary incontinence.

Phase 1

We made an inspirational video and online ads and asked people to share things they’ve done after 50. Especially things that usually are only associated with younger people

Phase 2

We got dozens of real stories that we then transformed into posts and even more people shared and interacted and supported each other.

In the end we had hundreds of comments

Phase 3

Some people shared things or dreams that they now consider themselves too old to achieve.

For example Niceia:

She used to perform playing the accordion and loved it, but after getting married, she had to sell it when times got hard. Now, 30 years later, she thought it was too late for her to get back to it.

We contacted her, got her a brand new accordion, provided accordion lessons and finally brought her to perform with Sao Paulo’s Accordion Orchestra for a small concert.
We recorded the process and turned it into a mini documentary, so her story continue to inspire people and show that age is just a number that doesn’t define you in any way :’)