Plenitud makes disposable underwear for people with urinary incontinence. It might seem like a rare thing, but 1 in every 4 people over 40 has some level of incontinence and we never talk about it.
So far this subject was never touched lightly, to be fair even Plenitud’s own communication used to have a gloomy tone, like in “life must be hard for you and we understand that”.

Well, when my partner Renata (the copywriter) and I were assigned for a campaign for this new client, we couldn’t share that old speech anymore, so we decided to celebrate life and positivity.

The online campaign had 3 phases:

Phase 1

In the first phase we made some inspirational ads asking people to share things they’ve done after 50. Things that usually are only associated with younger people.

This phase includes static ads and an inspirational video made entirely with stock videos.
The concept of this first phase was going beyond the surface, showing how what’s inside can be different from what people see and assume. So the visual solution was overlaying images, one being a close portrait and the other being a broader scene, showing the endless possibilities and experiences someone can live.

Phase 2

We got dozens of real stories, that we transformed into posts and even more people shared and interacted and supported each other.

In the end we had hundreds of comments

Phase 3

Some people shared stories from hard times. Of all sorts of things they gave up doing for various reasons and that now they consider themselves too old to get back to. Our team went through the hundreds of stories and finally selected one to make a difference.


The selected story was Niceia’s.

She used to perform playing the accordion and loved it, but after getting married, she had to sell it when times got hard.

Now, 30 years later, she thought it was too late to get to it again.


We thought differently.
So we contacted her, got her a brand new accordion, provided accordion lessons so she remembers it and finally as a surprise she played with the accordion orchestra of São Paulo in a small concert.

We also recorded all of it and made a small documentary about her life, so she’ll continue to inspire people and show that age is just a number that doesn’t define you in any way :’)