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My role
︎︎︎Concept, execution
The subject of my work deals with the journey of queer individuals, being hugely impacted by my lived experience growing up queer and navigating the challanges of a homophobic country.
            My series of works negociate the different stages in the life of people of queer experiences. It’s possible to make a chronological timeline of the queer growth with my series of works.
           As for my technique, I’m driven to manual crafts and handmade printing methods. As my art is very personal and comes from my personal experience, it’s important for me that the final product is made by my own hand. The process of making art is in itself a process of healing and self development. My favourite techniques are silkscreen (serigrafi) and engraving techniques like woodcut and linoleum engraving. I’m also recently exploring more tactile mediums like carpets