Desig & Art direction

As part of tame’s rebrand we decided to develop an illustration style to be used in the situations:

  • As a form of image that brings familiarity and ownership (different than a stock image).

  • As a comfort to soften pain points like error screens.

  • As a way to show abstract concepts (like effectiveness or connection).

  • In the platform’s empty states to brighten up the experience before the user has their own data running.

Style explorations

When developing the style, there were some characteristics we knew we wanted in the illustrations:

  • To be colorful (Tame brand already uses a lot of white).

  • To be humanized and relatable.

  • To exist inside the design (not closed inside a square).

Selected style

For the selected style we went for no facial expressions to give more importance to the expressions on the body.

The proportions are reasonably accurate, but with some distortions to turn the character into a cartoon.

The lines are organic and flowy.

We used noise shadows and highlights to bring texture and feel.

Interface illustrations

Marketing illustrations