Tame Illustrations


At tame we use illustrations with the following objectives:
  • As a form of image that brings familiarity and ownership, creating brand awareness and recognition in a way that stock image wouldn’t be able to do.
  • As a comfort used to soften and lighten pain points like error screens.
  • As a way to easily show abstract ideas and metaphors (like effectiveness or connection).
  • In the platform’s empty states to avoid the user being overwhelmed or unmotivated when they arrive in some module and don’t have their own data yet.


When developing the style, there were some characteristics we knew we wanted in the illustrations:

  • To be colorful. Tame brand uses a lot of white and the illustrations should also work a vibrant splash of color in some points.

  • To be humanized and relatable. We wanted some level of accuracy to the human body and naturally relaxed poses to make it easier for people to relate with the characters.

  • To exist inside the design. We didn’t want the illustration being closed in a square frame like a photo, Instead we aimed for a way to show the characters interacting with the interface, almost bringing it to the physical world.


The selected style has tame’s colors (marine blue and pink) plus 2 extra colors.

We went for no facial expressions to give more importance to the expressions on the body.

The proportions are considerably accurate, but with some distortions to turn the character into a cartoon.

The lines are organic and flowy, with natural postures.

We used noise shadows and highlights to bring texture and feel.