Team Picture

In 2018 Tame’s team was growing and we decided to fly the remote workers in and make a team picture showing all of us.


Our main objective at Tame, being an event planning software, is to allow the event planners to shine while doing their best. We are helping, but we are not the stars here, the planners are.

We mixed that with the idea of an event and arrived in the concept of BACKSTAGE.

Visual Solution

With the backstage concept in mind, the visual solutions developed were:
  • Use very functional and even improvised furniture like boxes and a ladder. Stuff that would be around in the backstage of an event.
  • Use tame’s pink color as a backdrop, but at the same time showing the border of the backdrop and the space around it. Giving this idea of being behind the backdrop.
  • Dressing in functional and casual black clothing like t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies. We wanted to be seen as the folks who set up the stage before a big show, or the people that build the stands in a conference. With our software we are helping to execute events like them, just not so physically.