Hello, I’m Hugo

I was born in a small town in southwest Brazil, where I grew up in a deactivated hotel and had a horse called Popcorn.

At 17, I moved to Sao Paulo to study communications and design. It was quite a change, from 10 thousand people to 10 million.

After working for some great brands like Sony, Netlix , Expedia and Nespresso, I got an offer to come to Copenhagen and work at this startup that was planning to go public.

So I sold my furniture, got a winter jacket a one-way ticket to scandinavia.

And here we are :) 

Why I want to work with you.
(I made a list) 😍


Travelling is one of my greatest motivations in life. It’s the base to which I compare what I should spend my money and time on. It’s also always on my mind when I think about my objectives, and what I want to achieve.

Having lived in different places myself, I understand the enormous power that traveling has to help you understand different people and cultures, and in the end, to understand yourself.

It would feel great to be part of this.


I’m proud of my work and the things I’ve learned. And I think I can help you create a lot of great stuff. At the same time, I believe a brand must speak with their own voice, so it’s important for me that I relate to it, and that’s true about you. If kilroy was a person we’d surely hang out.


My favorite part of my job is the creative work. It’s doing several different things everyday, dealing with people and having ideas to tell an interesting story.

Also, after being in a smaller company for the last 2 years, I’m looking forward to the new challenges that arise working at a bigger company, challenges like ensuring the brand consistency when several content initiatives are involved.


I’m a very sociable person and love social exchanges at work. And you look like a good place to work :)

Why you (hopefully) want to work with me 🤞🏼

On my agency time I’ve done A LOT of different things, most often content related because I believe that’s the way of engaging with your public.

On the other hand, my startup time prepared me with that fast-moving-always-testing point of view that can be really useful.

Although agency and startup work can differ quite a lot, what didn’t change was my passion towards design, concept consistency and creativity. I’m a very curious person and I love to learn new things and new ways of doing things.

Overall I have experience creating concepts and directing the execution of content and design ideas. That includes designing things myself and also dealing with production companies, motion/3D designers, photographers/filmmakers, print shops, suppliers, illustrators and so on.

Show don’t tell 👀

Here’s some selected work you might find relevant:

Netflix’s Girlboss website and “lookbook”Nespresso video recipe
Plenitud minidocumentary +  social media campaign

Oreo + McFlurry Social media campaign

That’s it!

Thanks for your time, let’s please have a chat and talk about my previous work,
about my hobbies (I dance, play rugby and watch clouds) or just about paradoxes.

tl;dr: hugo + kilroy = great idea 💙