Hi I’m Hugo
A queer latinx illustrator and designer living in Denmark.


I’m open to illustration and graphic design projects.

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Illustrations for content marketing, social media and animated videos for Danish B2B Attribution Software company Dreamdata.

︎︎︎Max Halley

Deck of Archetypes


After taking a Strategic Branding course by the University of the Arts London presented by the great Marc Wood, I was introduced to Jung's psychologic archetypes and how they can be useful in brand development to guide our brand personas and identities.
            I got so hooked up that I decided to make my own deck of those 12 archetypes, with illustrations inspired by renascence paintings and their themes and tropes.
            “An archetype is an emotion, character type, or event that is notably recurrent across the human experience. In the arts, an archetype creates an immediate sense of familiarity, allowing an audience member to relate to an event or character without having to necessarily ponder why they relate.”



The Distance Between Two Bodies


llustrated animation for a mash-up of 2 poems by Iranian poets that deal with love and distance by showing examples of things that are connected even though they are apart.
            The poems are ‘Thoughts on Marriage’ by Kahlil Gibran and ‘The Distance Between Two Boats’ Abbas Beydoun.




Logo and identity for MIX CPH queer film festival.



Illustration, identity and printed program for the 2022 edition of MIX CPH LGBTQIA+ Film Festival.

Nordic Creatives


Nordic Creatives is a content platform with the intention of connecting and strengthening the creative industries in the Nordics.
            The approved direction for the logo takes inspiration from the bulky and geometric visuals of contemporary nordic architecture.
            For the visual solution we aimed to evoke the grandness and minimalism of nordic design and architecture, highlighting the contrast between bulky shapes and delicate balance.

Creative direction
︎︎︎Mickey Switzer

Nørrebro Pride


Nørrebro Pride’s purpose is to give visibility to Nørrebro's LGBTQ + environment. We will celebrate all the local forces that work tirelessly to create spaces where LGBTQ + people get the opportunity to identify their own feelings and beings without having to explain, justify or apologize.
            Nørrebro Pride puts BIPoC (Black / Indigenous / People of Colour) to the front, and is an anti-commercial grass-root based organisation. NP organizes against homonationalism, and emphasise that not all LGBTQ + persons are white, cis and able-bodied; some are non-binary, have one or more disabilities, are religious, don't have citizenship, are sex workers, people who still don't know who they are but know they are not part of the norm.