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I’m a queer latinx illustrator and designer based in Denmark.

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Open to illustration and graphic design projects.

I’m specially interested in the fields of FASHION, ART, EVENTS and anything QUEER, but open to talk about new exciting topics. So let’s have a coffee :D

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To understand how the climate crisis may provide a vocabulary to think (with) the body and the gesture, and how tuning in with and to the environment can inform a sensuous position of the body within political crises. The intention was to imagine agency from our embedded positions as subjects of anthropogenic climate change.

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What are alternative ways of queer resistance that make an impact in the world without taking such a toll on the mental health of people who choose to do activism? A social-artistic investigation visualized by a series of illustrated textile pieces with the objectives of educating and starting a conversation about activism fatigue.

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Handmade painted ceramic project where I illustrate imaginary myths of queerness and queer love.

In ancient times, myths were created to explain natural or social phenomena. Many times involving supernatural beings or events. If queerness was mainstream in ancient western societies, what sort of myths would be created to explain it?

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Illustration, identity and printed program for the 2022 edition of MIX CPH LGBTQIA+ Film Festiva


Tame is an event planning and attendee experience software. For 2019 “re-launch” we decided to make a rebrand.
        For the visual solution, we made a smooth and solid t with the right side of the cross section transformed into a floating circle, to symbolise the freedom of creativity in contrast with the sturdiness of the block.

3D & motion
︎︎︎Jakob Chrøis

Creative direction
︎︎︎Mickey Switzer


Nordic Creatives is a content platform with the intention of connecting and strengthening the creative industries in the Nordics.
            The approved direction for the logo takes inspiration from the bulky and geometric visuals of contemporary nordic architecture.
            For the visual solution we aimed to evoke the grandness and minimalism of nordic design and architecture, highlighting the contrast between bulky shapes and delicate balance.

Creative direction
︎︎︎Mickey Switze


Nørrebro Pride’s purpose is to give visibility to Nørrebro's LGBTQ + environment. We will celebrate all the local forces that work tirelessly to create spaces where LGBTQ + people get the opportunity to identify their own feelings and beings without having to explain, justify or apologize.


So Far So Good is self-aware, tongue in cheek coworking space in Copenhagen.