Tame Branding


Tame is a work management application specifically designed for event planning.

For 2019 “re-launch” (Tame was going out of beta after 1 year being available for the public) I was made responsible for the company’s rebrand.


After a series of workshops with product, marketing and sales departments we arrived in the positioning we’d like the new brand to have.

Offering mainly corporate solutions (B2B), it was crucial for the brand to be seen as sound, trustworthy and credible.

On another note, considering that the outcome of our product is events, and events are all about ideas, creativity, sharing and learning, this became another important pillar for the brand personality.


After some researching and drafting, we arrived at the concept of a marble block.

A marble block is the soundest thing you can find, very heavy and stable, it’s something you would trust to build your house upon.

But also the marble block can be carved into an endless variety of things, an artist can use this heavy object to create anything their creativity desires.


So it became clear to us that we had to show the balance of these opposing ideas, heavy/light, sound/free in the brand.

For the “soundness”, we got inspired by the clean and solid lines of Scandinavian design.

For the freedom, we got inspired by the abstract idea of a floating solid sphere.


For the visual solution, we made a t based on Scandinavian design principles like solid forms and smooth curves.

Also, we transformed right side of crossed line to a circle, letting it float in opposition to the left, where we have the normal rectangular shape.

The gravity-defying factor of the circle helps to show how creativity is the very opposite of soundness, but can still interact with it.